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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:out of memory problem
Date:20:39:03 01/02/2006

> Thanks for your quick reply, I think I may have to adapt GKismet myself, anyway looking into that now. The panel version of the kismet_client is pretty robust and is useful just would like a more GUI look and fill.
> BTW, I really like the your kismet products and can't wait for newcore.
> Question: When will newcore and the new more user friendly version of the kismet_client be stable and ready for the mainstream?

"when it's done", heh. I hate to give a solid date, because I've tried and failed in the past. The code thats there now is pretty solid and stable, the problem in suggesting people adopt it right now is that I may still change some of the logging and protocols, and not ALL the code is done yet.

Newcore isn't very far off, but I won't commit to a date. You can see the big changesets in the devel blog, once the new client is done I'll make a big post and start suggesting people try it.

You CAN run it as it is now, (well, not the client), but things may change in it yet.


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