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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:New dump file for each channel change?
Date:16:29:26 01/02/2006

> Is there a method for getting kismet to start new logfiles each time the channel is changed?
> I'm using kismet with a wrt54g and want to look at data logged from each channel, so unless I can do it like this (in the dump only the beacon frames have the channel included) then i'll have to use expect or autoexpect or an other tool of the same type to attempt to change channel and restart kismet on each change; obviously i'd rather just have kismet write a new file for each channel.

Theres no mechanism for that now, and I don't think it makes a lot of sense. Channels overlap, and not all hardware reports what channel its really on. Getting data while you're on channel 6 doesn't mean that data is on channel 6, it only means that it was strong enough in the channel 6 band to decode. Only beacon frames actually announce what channel they're on, the rest don't.

I don't see it being practical.


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