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Posted by:m2
Subject:kismet dump file in ethereal, wlan channel?
Date:16:04:18 01/02/2006

> > Hi,
> >
> > Is it possible to see which WLAN channel was in use for a particular packet captured in a Kismet .dump file and displayed in ethereal?
> >
> > I've looked through the details of the packet(s) in ethereal and can't see the channel. Or is there another way?
> >
> > Thanks.
> Currently, no, other than the channel indicator in beacon frames.
> In the future, once the pcap file supports meta data, it will be added.
> -m

thanks for the reply,

another [connected] question..

is there a method for getting kismet to start new logfiles each time the channel is changed?

I'm using it with a wrt54g and want to look at data logged from each channel, so unless i can do it like this then i'll have to use expect or autoexpect or an other tool of the same type to attempt to change channel and restart kismet on each change; obviously i'd rather just have kismet write a new file for each channel.

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