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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:out of memory problem
Date:21:43:24 31/01/2006

> Still having problems it appears that GKismet is causing the memory problems. It will read through 70000 packets and then it starts to quickly utilize all the memory. When it goes through main memory it will then go through all the swap and when out of swap the process for GKismet will shut down.
> The version of GKismet is 0.0.10 running on Red Hat Enterprise Linux.
> Have you seen or heard of this before? Any idea's?

Nope, I don't maintain gkismet, it was written by someone else, I just link it.

It doesn't surprise me, if it has to build GTK tree structures or similar it's likely to baloon memory requirements, and that assumes there aren't any actual flaws in the memory management.

For now, use the kismet command line client if you keep having problems. newcore will also use a text-based client but it's being rewritten to be more user friendly, so if you really hate the way it works right now, wait a bit.


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