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Posted by:chuckbogus
Subject:Fedora 2.6.12 and Cisco 350 card
Date:04:14:26 31/01/2006

> > source=cisco,eth1,kismet. I have noticed that when I give the echo mode r command the config file for the card does change to rmon. If at this point I try and start kismet, then look at the card config file again it has been changed from rmon to any and I get a message stating the I may not have the card in rmon. Do I need to use wifi0? What commands do I need to use? I have tried:
> Look at the docs. cisco is the wrong source.
> -m

Thank you, it is working now. I did look at the docs yesterday but I was using source=cisco_wifi0 not wifix. From the looks of things on the board channel surfing is out for the cisco 350 card if I am using 2.6.x fedora.

Thanks again

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