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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:WiSpy on OSX
Date:00:25:13 29/01/2006

> My WiSpy just came in, and I have a question regarding your tools in OSX.
> I was able to successfully build the binaries without much difficulty against the libusb, curses, and gtk2 libraries supplied by fink. Both wispy_raw and wispy_curses appear to start up and receive data from the WiSpy. However, when wispy_gtk starts up it exits immediately after the window pops open, and gives the error "wispy_gtk: Failed to read signal data." Any ideas why that one utility might not be able to read incoming data while the others can do it just fine?

They ought to all access it the same way. That particular error is due to the IPC communication between the process that reads the data and the process that provides the UI. It's possible that OSX doesn't block on read for some reason, but I don't know since I don't have an osx box for testing and no-one else has reported it.


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