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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:invalid signal strength reporting..?
Date:04:23:19 28/01/2006

> Hello,
> I'm getting significantly different signal strength readings from kismet and iwconfig, and have reason to believe that kismet is the one in the wrong.
> An example:
> Kismet reports -50 Power and -90 Noise, sounds beautiful.
> But iwconfig tells me the cold hard truth.. -87 Power and -90 Noise
> Does anyone know why this might be?
> Running Kismet 2005.08.R1 with aironet driver
> Tell me if you need any additional info.

It reports what the card tells it. Cards in rfmon are often pretty useless for signal level reporting. Theres nothing much to be done about it, thats what the firmware says, that's what you get.


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