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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:out of memory problem
Date:19:51:05 26/01/2006

> Problem:
> I'm running kismet server and gkismet on Redhat Enterprise. Seems to be working fine, however the physical memory is completely exhausted and swap is exhausted then then gkismet/kismet automatically shuts down or the the system locks up.
> Research found:
> From reading the other messages/responses about memory usage it seems this amount of memory usage may be a feature more than a bug, however it looks and behaves like a memory leak.
> Question:
> Is there anyway to configure kismet or gkismet to utilize a said amount of memory? If not what is the formula for determining ahead of time how much memory is needed?

Try running just kismet_server, alternately, look at the process use -- Mainly i'm curious to see if it's gkismet using all the ram, or kismet_server itself. How many networks and clients do you have?


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