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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:FATAL: Unknown capture source type 'rt2500' in source 'rt2500,ra0,RT2500Source'
Date:01:56:23 26/01/2006

> Hello,
> where is my mistake in the kismet.config?
> I changed:
> ----------------------------
> suiduser=my_name
> source=rt2500,ra0,Whatever
> ----------------------------
> I've an Edimax PCMCIA EW_7108PCg Card, this card uses the rt2500 driver but kismet doesn't start.

either you're not running a recent version of kismet (and any version older than the version on the download page is out of date, i don't care what your distro says), you're not on linux, or something went wrong during configure, in which case configure would have told you what is missing and not built pcap support.

If you aren't using linux, read the readme for bsd support.


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