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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:dump file
Date:23:02:55 21/01/2006

> okay, I know that the 2 problems already have been mentioned.
> FATAL: Dump file error: Unable to open dump file Kismet-Jan-21-2006-1.dump (Permission denied)
> okay, then i changed the suiduser TO root. Then the
> next error occured:
> Specifying a uid-0 user for the priv drop is pointless. See the 'Installation & Security' and 'Configuration' sections of the README file for more information.
> according to this error I put the user andy to the group root
> and changed suiduser to suiduse=andy again
> well, then I just get the first one... a devil circle
> thanx for helping me
> sarah

It's in the readme under "troubleshooting":
PROBLEM: Fatal error about being unable to open a file for writing

The most common cause of this problem is that the suiduser you specified
for Kismet to drop to does not have rights to write to the directory
Kismet is trying to log to.

If you did not modify the 'logtemplate' configuration file variable,
Kismet defaults to the current directory for saving logs. You can set
an explicit path in the logtemplate variable to put your logs in the same
place every time.

FIX: Start Kismet from a directory that the suiduser can write to, or set
the logtemplate variable to always put the logs in a directory the
suiduser can write to.

the troubleshooting section also has your answer about trying to specify root as the suid target, but I don't feel like pasting and formatting something already written twice.


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