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Posted by:skynet
Subject:gpsmap help needed
Date:16:58:32 18/01/2006


new topic, new hope ;-)

I start gpsmap this way:

gpsmap -S 6 -D -e -n 1 -o karte.gif Kismet-Dec-20-2005-4.gps

from the /root dir, logged in as root


Theese files are in /root too.

Now gpsmap plotts the Wlans as small points to a map, but all Points are green!
I've set "-n 1", why doesn't it plot encrypted and open wlans in different colors?

Same Problem: when I set "-n 2" all Points are red, no colorchange to display different channels.

And YES, i captured unencrypted and encrypted wlans on different channels.

pls HELP!

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