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Posted by:abuas
Subject:orinoco with kernel 2.6.13
Date:12:43:48 18/01/2006

> New kernels have gone to 0.15, which is for me completely unusable. I've given up playing catch-up trying to do patches for every kernel release and dealing with all the distro vendors who mess with their kernels.
> To me, there is no acceptable driver anymore for orinoco. I don't use mine.


0.15 is unusable???

0.15 works very stable with Kismet - I run Kismet about 9 hours without any problem! Only you must use 6.16 firmware. All users in Orinoco mailing list confirm this. If you don't know how to get 0.15 drivers working read this page:

0.15 drivers works with Kismet better than 0.13 with patch!

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