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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:OpenBSD and intel centrino (ipw2200)
Date:23:29:15 17/01/2006

> Greetings. The latest (3.8) release of OpenBSD supports very well the intel centrino wireless (also known as ipw2200 on linux). I'm trying Kismet on this box (asus m6800n) but the source= line doesn't support the OpenBSD "iwi" driver.
> So far only the linux ipw2200 driver is supported.
> My question is: does the upcoming kismet version support such driver? Do I have to recompile kismet with support with ipw2200? (this because openbsd kismet package doesn't have support for ipw2200)

The OpenBSD IPW drivers use radiotap. Use the BSD radiotap capture sources.

See the readme for more details.

There isn't an explicit ipw2200 for bsd, it's nicely handled under the common rt framework.


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