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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:What changed in the .cvs log format?
Date:18:44:55 17/01/2006

> Hmm, I found out one more thing.
> I've tired to plot a map with gpsmap with this command: "gpsmap -S 6 -D -e -n 1 -o map.gif Kismet-log.gps"
> This should plot the networks as small points on a map from expedia. Working ok.
> BUT: All points have the same color, why?? I set "-n 1" to change the color acording to their encryption!!!
> Something seems to bee false with my kismet?! I've got the 2005.08.R1 version!

CSV isn't used in gpsmap plotting.

If it can't find the netxml file, it can't plot what sort of net it is.


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