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Posted by:alberich
Subject:orinoco with kernel 2.6.13
Date:17:14:57 16/01/2006

Hi folks,
i have suse10 with kernel 2.6.13 installed & i'm unable to run kismet with orinoco gold pcmcia card.
As i understand now, the orinoco 0.15xx driver still has the monitor features, but they are controlled by iwconfig as against the (patched) 0.13xx uses iwpriv - thats why it wont run with kismet. Am i right?
So i tried to patch the 0.15rc2 (from savannah) with orinoco-0.15rc2-dragorn-02.diff (from here), but it crashes when loading because of some differences inside 2.6.13's pcmcia api (dmesg: "pcmcia: orinoco_cs lacks a requisite callback function").
With this error i found the tip to use the "for_linus"-branch from CVS, so i sucked orinoco_0_15rc2_linus out of CVS, compiled & installed it with the same error when loading.
Without much hope i also tried the 0.13e with intension to patch it if it works, but this also failed. I didnt exactly remember the problem, i think it wont compile, but anyway, it wont work.

As im not a linux pro, i see only 2 possible solutions: Wait for kismet & co using iwconfig when handling orinoco OR waiting for a patch for the (running) 0.15rc4-driver.
Any other suggestions?
thanks in advance,

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