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Posted by:Jandum
Subject:Support for capture source
Date:19:06:27 15/01/2006

> > Can anyone help me with this simple question.
> > How can i fix this problem ?
> > when running kismet_drone i get:
> >
> > ...
> > FATAL: Support for capture source type ipw2200 was not built. Check output from configure for more information about why it might not have been compiled in.
> >
> > i run kismet via Cygwin.
> >
> > where can i find this configure for more info ?
> > and what should i do ?
> >
> > Jandum
> Read the readme.
> You cannot capture packets natively in windows, no matter what the card. ipw2200 is a linux source. Windows drivers lack the ability to go into monitor mode.
> If you're trying to run the drone on a linux box, then you didn't build pcap support or something, look at the output of configure.
> -m

Do I need a drone to run kismet via Cygwin ? in that case what should the source be ??

I sat up my kismet.conf to look for a drone.
Should the kismet_drone.conf refer to ipw2200 or what should i type in the source= ?

tnx for your help !


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