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Posted by:datomato
Subject:wi0 / OpenBSD / orinoco - monitor mode ioctl failed: Bad file descriptor
Date:21:53:32 13/01/2006


I'm trying to run kismet on OpenBSD 3.8 using orinoco/hermesI with prism2_openbsd . I'm not sure if that is the right typ but the interface wi0 evidences so. In the DOC you say using orinoco driver with prism-cards works but it's not perfekt. Is it the other way round or meaningless for OpenBSD.

I'm searching for a way to bring the card in monitor mode bevor starting kismet. Prism2ctl won't work with -m, wicontrol show monitor mode=off and while kismet is starting the same error appears.

FATAL: Monitor mode ioctl failed: Bad file descriptor

Thank's and sorry for my bad english.

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