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Posted by:datomato
Subject:wi0 / OpenBSD / orinoco - mode ioctl failed: Bad file descriptor
Date:13:19:50 13/01/2006


trying to run kismet on OpenBSD 3.8 using orinoco/hermesI with prism2_openbsd as source typ. I'm not sure if that is the right typ but the interface wi0 evidences so. I tried it with the radiotap_bsd_b which seem to me the better choise, but still won't work.
After looking after any significant hint in the web this post is a try to get the card running, so it will be great, if you are able of telling me the right configuration for orinoco-cards.

I'm still happy because getting the ipw2100 running. The file /var/log/kismet/ssid_map wasn't allowed to write but the group_map does so, it was a little confusing for me. If you have a better solution than chmod the directory to 777 (haven't try other rights till now), it would be nice if you let me know.

Thank's and sorry for my bad english.

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