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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:gpsmap + large gps/xml logs error(?)
Date:17:57:07 12/01/2006

> Using 2005-08-R1, FC3, wrt54gs remote. I came across this problem once before with a large amount of networks after a drive, now I'm experiencing it again. When I try to plot the power, hull, bounding box etc, it acts like gpsmap gives up after so many plots.
> What I mean to say is that I'd like plots of, say power for example. When I do my gpsmap thing, the resulting gif will only plot out like 75% of the APs, with the rest of the plots not completed. (And they are usually lumped together on the right most part of the map).
> A verbose output doesn't give any indication that there are errors. Nor anything on the gpsmap text output saying it failed plotting anything.
> Any ideas?
> ~ Chris
> [Edit] forgot to post imagemagick version #: 6.2.3. Maybe I'll go ahead and bump up to the newest version and try it...

bzip2 the data and email me the gpsxml, netxml, and command line you're using for gpsmap, and I'll take a look. Or bzip it up, put it up somewhere for download, and email me the link.


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