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Posted by:mojojoeyjojo
Subject:gpsmap + large gps/xml logs error(?)
Date:15:44:58 12/01/2006

Using 2005-08-R1, FC3, wrt54gs remote. I came across this problem once before with a large amount of networks after a drive, now I'm experiencing it again. When I try to plot the power, hull, bounding box etc, it acts like gpsmap gives up after so many plots.

What I mean to say is that I'd like plots of, say power for example. When I do my gpsmap thing, the resulting gif will only plot out like 75% of the APs, with the rest of the plots not completed. (And they are usually lumped together on the right most part of the map).

A verbose output doesn't give any indication that there are errors. Nor anything on the gpsmap text output saying it failed plotting anything.

Any ideas?
~ Chris

[Edit] forgot to post imagemagick version #: 6.2.3. Maybe I'll go ahead and bump up to the newest version and try it...

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