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Posted by:fregniacciaro
Subject:WUSB12 + Orinoco Gold + Kismet Channel Hopping
Date:00:21:45 10/01/2006

> When 2 sources share the same spectrum (11b in this case) and channelsplit is turned on, it will split hopping over both (offset into the channel list so they're not on the same channel at the same time) and hop both.
> For individually controlling sources, look at the config file, it's documented in the comments:
> # Fine-tuning channel hopping control:
> # The sourcechannels option can be used to set the channel hopping for
> # specific interfaces, and to control what interfaces share a list of
> # channels for split hopping. This can also be used to easily lock
> # one card on a single channel while hopping with other cards.
> # Any card without a sourcechannel definition will use the standard hopping
> # list.
> # sourcechannels=sourcename[,sourcename]:ch1,ch2,ch3,...chN
> Anyway, by default both sources will hop pretty much as expected. If one is getting stuck, it's most likely some sort of driver problem, the USB drivers are often not as good.
> As far as networks seen, the orinoco is a far superior card to the linksys, so that would account for some of it.
> -m

Thank you for this information. I'll keep working with it until it gets worked out.

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