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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:WiSPY as Kismet source?
Date:18:18:34 09/01/2006

> Ah, I see. I wasn't sure if Kismet sources just translated raw data coming from the interfaces into 802.11, or if they actually turned raw radio signals into data and then parsed that into 802.11 packets. It would still be useful to compare RF spectrum noise against actual 802.11 data, especially if you could also graph 802.11 errors and retransmissions against that.

No, Kismet is packet based. Theoretically it'd be possible to write a DSP that pulled off a DAC and turned it into 802.11 frames, but you're looking at a few thousand dollars in radio hardware alone.

The WiSPY reports signal levels, not radio data, so it's only useful to show 2.4ghz signal. Theres no difference between signal and noise -- noise is "non-signal data", and since it can't decode a signal, it can't tell what is non-signal.

Some sort of graphical correlation between the graph points and network lists is definitely possible, however, and was basically what I was planning to do for integration.


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