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Posted by:Entropy
Subject:madwifi-ng and the private ioctls
Date:04:38:04 09/01/2006

> > Not trying to be a jerk, but I am using the NG source (at least thats what I svn'd) So I am not sure what you mean by wrong stuff. and I am sure that the error has some more significant meaning than "your using the wrong stuff" Judging from your other responses to this particular question this topic really chaps your hide.
> Nope, you're not, not if you get that error.

I think the problem (from reading your discussion), is that you are both using different definitions of "source". The original poster thinks you mean "madwifi-ng SVN source code", while you mean the Kismet capture source.

To the original poster - Instead of using the madwifi_foo capture sources (such as madwifi_g) in /etc/kismet.conf (or wherever you're keeping your Kismet config file), you need to use madwifing_foo. For example, I just got the latest Kismet SVN and the latest madwifi-ng SVN code (both checked out around 11 PM EST on January 8, 2006) working perfectly (or at least perfectly for my uses, which consists of just sniffing nearby APs and not doing any packet analysis) together by configuring a madwifing_g source with a Netgear WPN511.

Note: The whole "virtual interfaces" idea with madwifi-ng seems to break when a monitor interface exists. The card will willingly associate with APs if you have a normal station interface configured, but since monitor mode turns off the transmitter (at least it does on other cards), any "virtual stations" won't actually be able to communicate. (DHCP fails, and if you create a monitor interface after getting an IP via DHCP, connectivity on the station interface will go down.) Guessing by the fact that some of the "HOWTOs" such as the Gentoo one on create both a monitor interface and a station interface, I'm guessing there's some brokenness in the driver (which is to be expected). Either that or it is now "working as intended" and the madwifi documentation is out of date.

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