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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:importing kismet data into gpsdrive's mysql database
Date:21:15:01 05/01/2006

> greetings to everyone. I've been looking around but haven't found what I was looking for, so I'm asking here. Forgive me if it's an obvious question.
> I'm trying to hack together a script to export data from a csv kismet output file and put it into a geoinfo database (such as one created by gpsdrive). Before I get mad, is there anyone who already did it in a more elengant way than mine?

I don't know of anyone doing this already, though lots of people mention it. I think wigle has some converters.

It might be better, though more difficult to write, if you used the XML files instead of CSV. They're more resilient to change, and I'll be adding new fields to the files in newcore and other future developments.


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