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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:No data packets detected
Date:20:06:53 05/01/2006

> Hi everybody,
> I'm quite new to kismet and I'm trying to set it up to sniff a particular WLAN for testing purposes.
> Actually I get a lot of beacons, the WLAN is correctly detected by kismet. However there are (almost) no data packets captured (only Beacons) even when doing a VoIP call that should produce a lot of UDP data.
> I disabled channel hopping and set the initial channel but still no data packets.
> The monitor mode of my WLAN card (ipw2100) seems to work fine, at least there are no problems in /var/log/messages.

Typically thats some sort of driver problem that prevents it from providing data frames. If one is available, try a different/newer version of the ipw drivers.


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