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Posted by:lizardking
Subject:Where does Kismet save alert log?
Date:19:02:41 05/01/2006

> Kismet doesn't log alerts. Unreleased kismet-newcore does.
So when will be availabe the next release?

> Neither. This would be trivial to implement as a client, however, and thats >generally the path I suggest people take. The only way to get live data out of >kismet is to grab it from the client/server interface, which alerts are >reported on. From there you can syslog it, insert it into a database, whatever >makes you happy. Even with newcore logging to file, the file is meant as a >'dead' record, not a runtime method to read them, so you'd still want to grab >them off the client-server interface.


thanks a lot, for now.

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