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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:Linking w/Graphviz . . .
Date:14:56:12 04/01/2006

> I've recently discovered that if graphviz is installed when I compile kismet, it links with I tried to search the source and the docs (and even Google) for any reference to this, so that I could control the behavior, but it is not mentioned anywhere that I could see.
> Is this intentional, or not, and is there a magic, hidden switch somewhere that lets me turn on, off and/or control this activity?

Kismet doesn't link it or look for it.

I'd guess that a sub-library Kismet uses does. Probably Imagemagick, but possibly one of the curses libs. Imagemagick ought to only be linked with gpsmap.

Theres no way to turn it off. It's getting included because a library kismet uses has to have it, and Kismet wouldn't be able to use that library without it. links libraries that other libraries use automatically. Kismet also inherits at configure time from Configure standard variabls (CFLAGS, LDFLAGS, etc), and magick-config --cflags, --cppflags, and -libs.

If you see it showing up on the compile line that links all the objects during make, then it's coming in on a cflag/ldflag from configure or from Magick-config. If you see it in the binary after compiling only, then it's coming in as a dependency from one of the libraries when it links.

You could also try looking for it with 'ldd' on all the libraries kismet includes.


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