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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:madwifi-ng and the private ioctls
Date:03:22:10 28/12/2005

> Not trying to be a jerk, but I am using the NG source (at least thats what I svn'd) So I am not sure what you mean by wrong stuff. and I am sure that the error has some more significant meaning than "your using the wrong stuff" Judging from your other responses to this particular question this topic really chaps your hide.

Nope, you're not, not if you get that error.

That error is specifically caused by the ioctl fetch performed by the standard ioctl trying to do the iwpriv mode set. The madwifing_foo sources skip this ioctl, becuse of the above problem. Even if this ioctl succeeded (fetching the list of private ioctls), it wouldn't work, because the madwifi-ng drivers forked off the normal method of controlling cards, and have their own tool set to control them (wlanconfig) which isn't compatible with anything else.

Yes, this topic annoys me, both because I seem to be constantly answering the same questions, and because the drivers are clearly marked as unstable for normal use. They're a very moving target for trying to support, and I'm not much interested in playing catchup every week when they change something critical, ie, breaking prism2 header length reporting, which makes all the packets dissapear because none of them pass validation.


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