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Posted by:jf
Subject:madwifi-ng and the private ioctls
Date:03:03:33 28/12/2005

> The error means you're using the wrong stuff. You can't use madwifi sources on madwifing. Look at the devel readme, or the devel blog.

Not trying to be a jerk, but I am using the NG source (at least thats what I svn'd) So I am not sure what you mean by wrong stuff. and I am sure that the error has some more significant meaning than "your using the wrong stuff" Judging from your other responses to this particular question this topic really chaps your hide.

> Additionally, even when working, the madwifi-ng drivers appear to emit broken l2 headers on the frames.


> madwifi-ng is completely unsupported in stable. It is minimally supported in stable-devel, and you have to use the appropriate source types.
> -m

and I am using the Stable-devel. What does "minimally supported" mean?

Again I notice that this subject seems to chap your hide a tad, so I will let it lie until such time as the madwifi drivers become more stable. My only comment is that if something is "minimally supported" that it should at least start up even if all the features are unavailable. Currently a make of madwifi-ng and a make of kismet-stable-devel do not yeild a functioning product (for me). This is most likely due to a setting either during the build process or prior to the execution of kismet that I don't know to set.

So thanks for a great tool, and until such time as madwifi-ng stabalizes I will revert back to madwifi-old which appears to work just fine.

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