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Posted by:Mapinquari
Subject:Kismet drone and regular use Access Point
Date:12:11:10 26/12/2005

> There are ways with some drivers to do AP and rfmon, but I haven't tried recently. Everyone has been more interested in a full drone, which is what newcore supports now.
> You wouldn't want to connect wirelessly to the drone, because then you'll see your own traffic and it'll go into a loop. You definitely want to use a wired ethernet connection, no matter what the setup, to connect the drone to the laptop.
> There is some support for broadcom now, check the links page and the devel blog for kismet.
> -m

Ah, it's good to know that dual support for AP and rfmon exist. However, I'll be more than pleased with myself if I'm able to get this up and running without too much trouble.

Thanks for the heads up on the broadcom support. To be fair I did find your post about Broadcom-support in the development version in SourceSafe. However, this still needs to be compiled and with my current Linux experience this might be a stretch.

One other thing I was rather curious about. How do I enable AP support again when I need to? Just kill the drone or do I need to do anything else on the console in order for the router to return to AP mode?

As ever,


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