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Posted by:perka
Subject:Could not explode home directory path, getpwuid() failed.
Date:11:42:38 26/12/2005

> > After taking a look at the one time someone got this error, it did not seem to fix my issue. Here is the complete list:
> >
> > Enable Channel hopping.
> > Enable channel splitting.
> > Source 0 (eth1): Enabling monitor mode for ipw2200 source interface eth1 channel 6...
> > Source 0 (eth1): Opening ipw2200 source interface eth1...
> > Spawned channelc control process 10344
> > Dropped privs to jonathan (1000) gid 100
> > Allowing clients to fetch WEP keys
> > Error: Could not explode home directory path, getpwuid() failed.
> >
> Sounds like your user is invalid or the user you're running Kismet as can't access /etc/passwd. Thats a system failure for finding the attributes of the user, in this case, the home directory.
> -m
I have the same problem. The suiduser exists and has read access to /etc/passwd. I run the program as roor. The command pwd works just fine for the suiduser (if that has anything to do with it). If I enter the exact path in kismet.conf insted of %h I get an error message saying I don't have permission to create .kismet. Any Ideas?

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