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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:Kismet drone and regular use Access Point
Date:23:30:28 25/12/2005

> My intended hardware setup is a Linksys WRT54G wireless router which is linked wirelessly to a notebook that contains a Broadcom wireless network card. Since the notebook contains a network card that can not be put into RFMON mode I was rather happy to learn that my router is able to run the Kismet_drone.
> However, one thing I was unable to figure out. When I run kismet_drone on the router, will I still be able to access the router wirelessly from my notebook? Or does the notebook need to connected to router through one of the ethernet ports?
> In any case, this is something I'd like to know before I start running applications I know little about.

There are ways with some drivers to do AP and rfmon, but I haven't tried recently. Everyone has been more interested in a full drone, which is what newcore supports now.

You wouldn't want to connect wirelessly to the drone, because then you'll see your own traffic and it'll go into a loop. You definitely want to use a wired ethernet connection, no matter what the setup, to connect the drone to the laptop.

There is some support for broadcom now, check the links page and the devel blog for kismet.


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