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Posted by:chrismc
Subject:IP range detection in newcore not quite right
Date:15:26:15 21/12/2005

Last night I got the newcore kismet_drone on my WRT54g working with the newcore kismet_server on my iBook. The Wrt has amazingly good recieve sensitivity! As expected, immediately after starting kismet it detected my home network and correctly recognized it as WPA-PSK. It then started picking up other SSIDs in the neighborhood (some that I've never seen before) and I left it for a couple hours. When I came back, the kismet_server output said it detected about half a dozen ip ranges for my home network, none of which were correct. With the network being WPA-PSK, I wouldn't expect kismet to be able to see any IPs. I verified the information in the .nettxt log file and it had logged the IP ranges for my home net as well. It detected the same SSID many times, only one was showing correctly with WPA-PSK, all the rest were showing as "Encryption: None". Even the WPA-PSK, however, was showing an bogus IP range. Examing the .pcapdump file does not show the IP address anywhere in it (filter: "ip.addr =="). Any thoughts?

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