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Posted by:phibes
Subject:Problems scanning/joining network that shows in Kismet
Date:15:11:54 21/12/2005

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I'm trying to access an AP with a v3.1 White Russian 54G in client mode, and from what I can see in Kismet (signal strength/SNR reporting seems broken) have a good link in monitor mode. The AP is totally open. However, when I try to scan (using wl or iwlist) and join, it never shows up, even when I specify BSSID, Channel etc. I see APs that had a lesser LLC rate than the one I'm trying to join (was getting 10-30 packets/s in Kismet).

Is there a difference between the effectiveness of monitor mode (prism0) and client mode?

Does the ability to 'sniff' packets at a decent rate not necessarily imply an ability to transmit to/join the AP?



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