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Posted by:ghiro
Subject:kismet only capturing noise/discard packet
Date:16:09:40 20/12/2005

> I'm not totally sure what your problem may be but from looking at the ACX100 site there are a few people having problems getting the cards into monitor mode.
> You might start following this thread and jump in with any information you have. It looks like the developers are having a hard time getting the ACX111 drivers to work with some features (i.e. WEP) and monitor mode is not a big priority.
> Good Luck,
> Cutaway

thank you. i'll try to follow that discussion.
Anyway i actually managed to use the latest driver release (don't remeber the name and i'm at work now so i can't check) in my 2.6.13_81 kernel version. i also currently configured my wireless interface to use a 256bit wep key without problem couse i noticed it' been fixed recently. Maybe they' ll come up with something or i sholud try a previous and better tested release. Thanks again for pointing that out.
bye till next time,

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