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Posted by:cutaway
Subject:kismet only capturing noise/discard packet
Date:12:30:35 20/12/2005

> hi, i've just installed kismet on my fc3.
> i configured my d-link pci card with acx 111 chipset and it's doing it's job.
> when i start kismet i only can see noise/discarded packet counter increasing.
> no networks detected.
> i tried to disable channel hopping but same result.
> i surfed the forum but i didn't found any related issues.
> Could the problem be of compatibility?
> i set in kismet.conf as a source value string 'acx100' even if my card has acx111 chipset and i'm unsure if that's where the problem could lay.
> Any suggestions appriciated.
> Bye,
> Luca

I'm not totally sure what your problem may be but from looking at the ACX100 site there are a few people having problems getting the cards into monitor mode.

You might start following this thread and jump in with any information you have. It looks like the developers are having a hard time getting the ACX111 drivers to work with some features (i.e. WEP) and monitor mode is not a big priority.

Good Luck,

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