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Posted by:cutaway
Date:12:21:19 20/12/2005

> How can i run Kismet in Mac OS X? I've already compiled and installed it, but I can't run it... What is necessary to make in the configuration file?

Okay, lets start with the obvious. Did you read the documentation? Here is a snipit that does apply to you.

"- MacOSX Known supported cards: Airport, WSP100, Drone, wtapfile, pcapfile MacOSX is supported for Airport (classic) cards only, using the Viha drivers at There are no rfmon drivers available for Airport Extreme cards currently. Other third-party drivers may support rfmon for other PCMCIA and USB cards under OSX - let me know if your drivers support rfmon, and I'll add support in Kismet. - Win32 (Cygwin) Known supported cards: WSP100, Drone, wtapfile, pcapfile" -

If you don't meet these requirements then let us know when you are there and we can continue forward. You should also try to read the rest of the documentation as it is a big help. Then you should Google "MacOSX kismet install" and the like.

Until you do these things you are not going to get much love here. When you post again be more specific with the error you are receiving. Else, you are going to be ignored.

Good Luck,

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