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Posted by:acidblue
Subject:kismet fatal error>>>>
Date:18:17:08 17/12/2005

> > invalid device pair
> > I'm using cisco aironet 350 with mepis(debian) 2.4.29 kernel
> > card works out of the box for internet.
> > shell error:
> Proper configuration for the cisco and cisco_wifix cards is in the readme.
> -m

Yes I know, i've read the readme, thats where i got 'cisco_wifix'.
but it's not working.
Would you like me to post my entire config file?
The readme is a little confusing, perhaps I'm not reading it correctly,
but i follwed the example it gave 'cisco_wifix,wifi0,addme.

Could you tell if I'm using the right syntax?
I've tried wifi0 and eth0 for interface with the same results.
According to 'iwconfig' my wireless is eth0, wifi0.

Sorry for all the fuss, but i'm new to Kismet, would like to set things
up properly.

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