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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:totally no idea abt how to install and how to run the program
Date:16:53:01 17/12/2005

> My question is if I could load say debian sarge plus VMware on my winxp computer and could compile the program from their?

You could, but you couldn't capture any data. VMWare is emulated hardware, you can't use a wireless card inside it.

> Also I read theres experimental Broadcom support Kismet available on the Subversion page, but I cant seem to find anywhere on that page for it. Am I missing something? I dont even know what Subversion is... I'm a little new to this stuff so good explanation would be much appreciated.

From the download page:

"To save bandwidth and general code management hassles, the development tree is now available exclusively via Subversion. Subversion is an alternate source management system with several advantages over CVS. Get the client and learn more about it at"


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