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Posted by:xios
Subject:totally no idea abt how to install and how to run the program
Date:07:50:40 17/12/2005

> > can any1 pls post a step by step soultion ? and is this only for linux ? coz i am using window xp and i am working on a wireless project. i nd kismet as a sample. the problem i am facing now is the 2nd part run configure.. dun mind teachin mi a step by step soultion
> It's in the documention included in the source and on the website.
> No, it's not for windows XP.
> -m

I'm trying to run Kismet on windows as well, but currently having more success with Aircrack, but my wifi card is unsupported by airodump.

My question is if I could load say debian sarge plus VMware on my winxp computer and could compile the program from their?

Also I read theres experimental Broadcom support Kismet available on the Subversion page, but I cant seem to find anywhere on that page for it. Am I missing something? I dont even know what Subversion is... I'm a little new to this stuff so good explanation would be much appreciated.


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